Trump World. How would fiction writers describe this?

I have no idea if Donald Trump will become the Republican Candidate or if he will be elected as the next President of the United States.

I am a Canadian. Along with 35 million others up here, we look vicariously at the dog fight that is taking place in the United States. I believe it’s called an election.

In between our frequent spring snow storms in Eastern Canada and the thawing hockey rinks in Western Canada, American politics is better than watching a slow hockey match with no fights breaking out.

So what if the Donald, as some like to him, does get in?  The stars align for him this time and he throws enough dirt at Hillary Clinton to get into the big office?

I’m not a politician, but I am a fiction writer. We fiction writers have been writing alternate universes for the world, the USA, and some have even come up with alternates for Canada.

Some would ask, that if Canada became a strange new republic, who would care. Or, more importantly, who would notice? America, as the largest economy and with the greatest military (Russia and China will disagree,) is the country that everyone notices.

There are several fictional novels about new republics in America and North America. One of the earliest was Robert A. Heinlen. His story, If this goes on, was about what might happen to Christianity in the USA, given mass communications and a hysterical population. In the book, the borders with both Canada and Mexico were blocked.

Margaret Atwood wrote a book, The Handmaidens Tale, that was made into a movie with Robert Duval. Atwood’s story was of a totalitarian Christian Theocracy. Her heroine finally escapes and makes it past the blockades to Canada. The rebels revolt to take over the dictators.

We’ve also had the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen struggles to survive amidst the ruins of North America where only the Capital (a place reminiscent of ancient Rome) has plenty and the districts struggle to live.

The famous Isaac Asimov, in his The Foundation Trilogy, writes of a being called the Mule, who is genetically altered and can overcome the minds of others. He almost takes over the universe.

So, there you have it. Four other writers who’ve written about alternate worlds when someone or some new force come into play. What would my story of a Trump World be?

Trump World 2017

Donald Trump takes office January 2017. He immediately asks Congress to invade Iran, Syria and just about any other Arab country that he dislikes. They refuse. He yells, “You’re Fired.”

This doesn’t work for President Trump. He realizes he can’t fire Congress or the Senate or anyone else except his own staff. Someone forgot to tell him that at his briefing. He calls his minions. His great horde of followers who love him. They take up arms, as American’s has more weapons at home than most other countries do in their army, they form an army and storm the capital.

The American Army does nothing to stop the rabble. The half of the army that is Republican stops the other half that is Democrats from intervening. President Trump is now in charge. He’s going to get things done.

He throws up walls between Mexico to stop illegal immigrants. He throws up a wall across Canada to stop terrorist Muslims from creeping in and he throws up huge trade tariffs on Chinese goods so America can make all the things in America and everyone will have a job.

In six moths a problem develops. No Mexican’s illegals mean that the hotels aren’t getting cleaned. No one is picking the fruit or working in the meat packing plants. This work somehow is too hard for regular Americans.

China retaliates the high tariffs on their goods by shipping everything at cut rates to Russia and India. America finds they are can’t make anything for as cheap as China made them and they miss their cell phones.They start to protest outside the White House. Trump wants everyone shot.

Even the Republican Army has a problem with shooting their own citizens. A groundswell of  everyone with a small amount of common sense starts to revolt.The economy is in ruins and everyone is mad at everyone else. America is not great – it’s just angry.

Trump sees the writing on the wall. He abdicates the Oval Office and makes a run for it. He sets up in a small Carribean island with several of his faithful and starts another reality T.V. series.

Does this sound crazy. Silly? What would you write? Do you believe that Trumps world would be amazing? Go ahead then – write it. Do you think it would be worse? Go ahead and write that.

I wrote mine in about 250 to 280 words. This was just off the top of my head from watching the current news. Do I believe any of it? Not really. I’m just having fun with fiction. And if we can’t do that with words, then what are words for?

I wish all of you happy writing and reading and look forward to seeing some of your stories.

























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Lyle Nicholson is the author of four novels, two novellas and a short story as well as a freelance writer for several Canadian magazines and newspapers. He now lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with his wife where he indulges in his passion for writing, fine cooking and fine wines.
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