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Trump, Russians,Ballet Boxes and Twitter. This is a Fiction Writers Dilema.

As a Canadian fiction writer, I admit I’m getting a bit addicted to watching the American Presidential Election. Never, in all my years have I seen such wonderful elements for a fiction¬†novel. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump claimed that … Continue reading

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The power of vulnerability for writers and readers.

There’s something that writers don’t want to talk about, but invariably they can’t help themselves. It’s how vulnerable they feel when they give their work to finally be read by an actual reader. That single most important person, is after … Continue reading

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Writing it down, then getting it right. A Criminal Lawyer helps with my Novel.

Some of you may know that I was able to write my latest novel, Circling the Drain, during the NaNoWriMo, NATIONAL WRITE A BOOK IN MONTH OF NOVEMBER competition. The prize is really that you wrote a novel of over … Continue reading

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Writing my 30 day novel. How I cheated and let the characters do it for me.

If any of you saw my post back in October, I said I was going to enter the 30 day challenge, which is called NaNoWroMo, which means write a novel in the month of November. It does seem daunting. I … Continue reading

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My new goal. Working at getting paid to play with my imaginary friends. The joys of writing.

I want to tell you right now that I stole this wording from Kristen Lamb, and you can read more of her at http://www.warriorwriters.wordpress.com Her words were ¬†inspirational, and I think she nails what most fiction writers are thinking and … Continue reading

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