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Author Lyle Nicholson

Author Lyle Nicholson was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1952. He was the youngest of three sons born to a father who was a cook, and a mother who was a waitress.

His father, who died when Lyle was only 15, was a story teller and avid reader, something that Lyle adopted at an early age and never forgot. His life would lead him to travels in Europe and Israel where he got work as an extra in a movie directed by Johnny Cash. He realized he was not good actor. Then he spent five years in a Monastery. He found out he was not a good monk, as poverty was easy…it was the chastity and obedience that was a stumbling block.

Lyle left the Monastery in 1979, and met and married his wife in 1982. He would spend a few years working for companies, getting fired, and starting businesses that failed, and dabbling in freelance writing, until he finally started a sales agency in 1988. The business was a success and Lyle retired in 2011.

Retirement didn’t work well for Lyle. He began with resuming his freelance writing for magazines and then ventured into writing Novellas and Novels. He has written one Novella, and three Novels and has more in the works. He loves writing crime novels with a twist

Lyle’s first novella, DOLPHIN DREAMS,  available in paperback and eBook (Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo),  is a culmination of his love of storytelling, and his fascination with the metaphysical. That which lies just behind the curtain, which we cannot see with the human eye, is his main genre for writing, as well as the bizarre and inexpiable. Read the first two chapters of DOLPHIN DREAMS. Click the following link to read and/or download:  Dolphin Dreams by Lyle Nicholson – Chapters One – Three

His novel, POLAR BEAR DAWN, available in paperback and on Kindle, introduces Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP Serious Crimes Unit. This detective thriller touches the edges of science fiction, while surfing the realms of what is already possible in science—and the manipulation of world oil. Read the first four chapters of POLAR BEAR DAWN. Click the following link to read and/or download:  Polar Bear Dawn by Lyle Nicholson – Chapters One – Four

PIPELINE KILLERS is the second book of the Detective Bernadette Callahan series, and is available in paperback and on Kindle,  Detective Bernadette Callahan of the RCMP Serious Crimes Division is called to investigate the scene of a mysterious industrial accident. A man has died near a pipeline on the outskirts of a small city in Canada. The death will lead to what at first looks like an experiment by university students that went too far. What the students thought was a prank, has become real. And their invention has the potential to wreak havoc on the world’s pipelines. When terrorists steal the experiment to use as a weapon, Detective Callahan must find a way to stop it or find the only man who can. Read the first four chapters of PIPELINE KILLERS. Click the following link to read and/or download:  Pipeline Killers by Lyle Nicholson – Chapters One – Four

MISDIAGNOSIS . . . MURDER, Lyle, latest book is available in paperback and is available as an ebook on Kindle,  Smashwords, and Kobo. Carson Winfield has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He’s just buried his wife from the same disease. He prepares for death by giving away his fortune of five million dollars. He receives a phone call. His medical results were mixed with someone else’s. He doesn’t have cancer, but the doctor who gave him the original diagnosis is gone—so is his five million.   The police arrive with questions about the missing doctor and Carson’s business dealings with him. Carson realizes he can’t divulge the complete truth without incriminating himself in a deeper crime of helping to euthanize his wife. Carson has to find the doctor to answer questions about his wife’s death and his missing money. Was his a real diagnosis? Or was it a misdiagnosis to cover a murder? Read the first three chapters of MISDIAGNOSIS . . . MURDER. Click the following link to read and/or download: Misdiagnosis . . . Murder by Lyle Nicholson – Chapters One – Three


4 Responses to About Lyle

  1. Pat bishop says:

    Nice site Lyle

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Murray Allen says:

    Hey Lyle: having hung out with you I’d come to expect the unexpected with a jocular but benign irreverence about life. Then I read your 4 books and discovered that you are a very clever writer. Great plots, and your characters are real with all the bravado and true-to-life bull shit that makes them quite becoming. And your bad guys, they are actually likable in a bad sort of way — a difficult twist to put into the plot. What’s next? I can’t wait.
    Murray Allen

    Liked by 1 person

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